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I don't want to be something that I am not but I do not want to be stuck being something I already know
I am... Can't change my DNA or Roots and would never dream it so changed, but this inheritance... Be it
a gift or a curse is not all I wish to experience in life... I want to share my inheritance with the world and
I want to explore other things that I have little knowledge of... I cannot deny who I am but it is not an excuse to deny who I can become. -nazaire

... a new start so please... enough about PAIN, I want to just live and paint :) nazaire (at) ::     

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A Zen Flatness...

My work is not bound by just one style, one culture, one race, or one place. I wish to explore what it means to just live simply as a human being. Not Haitian, not Black, not African, not French, not American... But simply Human. So you'll find a puzzle in my work sometimes. Why would a Haitian born painter have "Haitian Dancer" written in Japanese on a series of his paintings? I do not like to limit myself to just being one thing, one language, or one idea. I do not paint with one color, why would I limit the palette of my life to just one shade, indigo blue? I want to be able to understand and experience things I have not yet learned. I want to die knowing I tried to learn something new about an unknown culture, person, or place. I want to be inspired by it all, mixed in a mixture that is simply a human story being told through paint strokes... A Life.

On a personal level my work is not very easy to create... Getting canvas and paint is difficult to budget. So I paint a few times per year out of need, because as I said for me it is a release and those emotions are very difficult to explore. So it is but a few moments per year that I am allowed to vent the stresses of locked up creativity.  I have always been in love with vibrant and vivid colors and the emotions they can convey.  Color may be the only constant in my work, I have no personal style or common structure that combines my paintings into a unit other than the use of vivid colors seen from my childhood in Haiti and the Zen flatness inspired by the Japanese Art styles which I have grown to love, from ancient paintings, to manga and anime.  In the use of vivid color I find it helps me to overcome many hardships like the darkness of slowly going blind due to Sickle Cell Disease to the deep sadness and suffering I see and hear from the forgotten and the voiceless...  The meek... Remembered.


I am in love with two cultures... the vibes of both worlds... The speech, the words, the visual language, the humor... honor x code x values... The study of the contrast between post-war Japan and post-revolution Haiti inspires me to create a mixture of tales from both island peoples... Evolution... Challenges, rebuilding... passions... struggles... re-imagined creativity in music, art and culture. From the extremely cute to the mystically unknown magic of that voodoo. A generation lost... Trying to understand my lost of identity... So like all the instant media around me, I wish to create my own path. Without identity there is no Legacy. Just living an empty but radiant moment in child-like exploraton and need of meaning.

Visual Otaku Japan
x Radiant Child of Haiti
= Haitian Superflat!
( ハイチのスーパーフラット )
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^_^ ©Nazai®e

"Haitian Dancers of Earth and Rain"
Haitian Superflat - Nazaire

"Haitian Dancers of Earth and Rain (REMIX)"
Haitian Superflat - Mr. NOBODY

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Hertz Nazaire | Artist - Painter - Poet

current Art Project:
Nazare :: 2012
"Haitian Superflat | Haiti + Japan"

Haitian Superflat | Haiti + Japan is my new project, a series of paintings I wish to produce this year. My dream is to take my work to the next level and have a very productive year painting and exploring ideas I have had for a long time. My main focus for this series is on the mixing of two cultures Haiti + Japan on canvas. I want to be able to paint 20 to 40 paintings creating a body of work that explores this melting of imagery from two cultures. One that is my heart and soul and another that unknown yet I find intriguing and inspiring. My vision for this project is to continue this theme of "Haitian Superflat" on a large scale, or large canvases and to share videos of the creative process of producing it online.

I am not trying to be something that I am not and no I am not an OTAKU! well maybe a little too fascinated by everything Japanese lol. But I want my work to be a bridge without race, color, or nationality. Just human.

This will be my most ambitious year as an artist so I have shared my wishlist of art materials on a website so that those who wish to support my work can do so without sending money, I don't want money just want to be able to be productive and share my work. They can send me a large canvas or acrylic paint for this new project. I am also exploring other ways to fund my work this year. I have applied for Connecticut Office of the Arts FY2012 Artist Fellowship program but it will be a few months until I hear if I am awarded a grant or rejected :).

I want to be able to document the production of these new paintings all year on youtube and share the process with art lovers and also for my own review of my growth as a painter. Hope it all works out. I will update this page often

A new start

* After many years of mostly focusing on my Health (Sickle Cell Anemia). I want life to be better... even with the pain I want more out of my days, a chance to live out my dreams and work on my art full-time. Determined to make a real commitment to my artistic development by finding ways to have the materials needed to practice my craft every day and not just a sometimes effort because of other distractions. Yes, I want to do that but without having to sell my heart to an agent or gallery who are only after a brand. I have been homeless and have been hungry... I do not paint for the fame or the LEGACY... Haitian Superflat is my little joke on how things are around me. In reality my true desire is just a deep need to produce. It has been hard to admit that I must sell to continue to paint something new, to sell I need people to care about my work. But when you cannot afford to live in NEW YORK City or attend ART BASEL you are not among those who matter in the ART WORLD. I do not mind this... Until someone decides my work matters and is deemed worthy of being valued, I am with my agent MR. NOBODY because NOBODY CARES. Until that changes I wish to do my best to stay productive... I do need help... Please Donate a Canvas or other art supplies on my WishList. THANK YOU. :)

It has been a long road and I still have a lot of hard work ahead of me. I'm setting up this page for all the people who have supported me and pushed me to continue to cultivate my talents. I hope you enjoy my new work while surfing this site. Thank you for all the help, support and well wishes.

My work
I work mostly in oil pastels, mixed media, and acrylics. I enjoy oil pastels due to the fact that I get to blend the colors with my fingertips, I love the feel of being closer to my work and becoming part of what I create. I even find myself using my fingers while painting with acrylics on canvas now. I hope not to lose that connection with my art, even when it’s sold to a client. I want it to always express who I really am.

My Style?
In most of my work I use bright vivid colors, being Haitian plays a large role in this... but is that my style? I'm not sure, I'm still growing, learning and aging along with my craft. I am an artist and that is my what makes me me feel the most alive. My favorite artists are Jean-Michel Basquiat, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Lois Mailou Jones, Vincent van Gogh, Georges Seurat, Paul Gauguin, Renoir and many others. Most of all, I have a very long list of Haitian artists, Caribbean artists, and African American artists that inspire me.

I'm hoping to move to a quiet place where I can find peace to be able to create new things and learn new things. My style always changes, so I really can't explain my work... I'm getting older but there is so much more I want to see and experience in life, so I guess all it boils down to is what my work is my life's journey.

Hertz Nazaire
I need Art Supplies to stay productive
please Donate a Canvas
thanks for visiting :)

2010-2012 - Flatness and Mixture of Cultures

It may be a fools vision, my eyes are changing... So in my work my focus and approach is always deeply linked to my moods, my inner feelings at the time more so than the subject. A blank canvas for me is a place where I find solace within the process of releasing the images that I see when I close my eyes. For me the painting or drawing process become more a releasing rather than a creation. Over time my thinking as a creative person has changed to a point where I no longer see myself as a person that creates. I am not a creator but simply an observer who is deeply affected by the visuals, shapes and colors coming together to form the environment which surrounds him.

These images are viewed by my eyes but are also transformed by my personal experiences in life, things I may have seen or things I may wish existed are slightly chanced, most of the time it is woven with the strong pain that I often experience from living with Sickle Cell Anemia or the suffering of people that has touched my life, as in the struggles of the Haitian people of whom I share my blood and roots.

What I mean by feelings and moods, are that as an artist I have always felt like a sponge soaking in all human experiences and emotions. It can become a deeply depressing thing without a way to release all of these emotions. For me each canvas becomes an opportunity to communicate with others those emotions and feelings, from my personal viewpoint, or an observation of how things are and how things could be. It allows me a chance to dream of better things, it is a chance at healing, a source of Hope. That is what I most want to accomplish with my work, to relay these deeply human emotions towards something that allows the viewer to glimpse at the world through my experiences.

One of these opportunities is a series of paintings about living with the pain of Sickle Cell Disease, which has been very successful for education and awareness of an issue that is very difficult to put into words. Images of pain that may inspire compassion and empathy in doctors and care providers that treat this disease. My current series of work deals with images of the Earthquake in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti on January 12, 2010. I do not wish the world to forget the struggles of my people, the news may move on but a painting can inspire others to remember that Haiti needs a chance to rebuild and recover and to do that they need to be reminded that this is a deeply human struggle... images of family and daily life, the dreams and hopes of a people, and the affects of poverty and tragic events on these crucial human connections.


// Start Parody of My Life //
Child of Mass Media vs. Fine Art
:: Future Death of Art

A lost of Identity. I wasted my talent being brain-washed by man made dogmas, codes, and traditions {Puru Puru Pururin... Puru Puru Pururin...} and massively produced media of instant ramen uh visuals... I'm not an Artist... I heard from bothers that in Islam it is said, I should not paint the living things, the people around me. Thus... We make Idols. To create... is to play among the GODs. (there is only ONE) So if I am a sinner what do you say to the mass media that had me plugged in since Birth? My heart is not as empty as the canvas which I walked away from for years. If so the world is truly FLAT. We create IDOLS because we are empty. We consume so much just to defecate it all away... All without meaning. I paint again to understand the meaning of nothing. I am still Nazeer the observer.

Did Photoshop take over the canvas and brush? Life is CRAZY like the day Hatsune Miku takes the world from Beyoncé ... I think for me it all started when I heard, I WANT MY MTV! Think about it... Visual to Sound.... mind melts... Like the Sound of Music only with neon cloth, bigger hair.

Pop Art so hot, now talent is no longer valued it is all scripted... I'll PAINT DAT. Meh, I'll TROLL DAT. Learning the Art of the instant viral meme. The Art of becoming a B®AND™ (©Nazai®e) ... life becomes a toy and game, Pokémon, Monster Hunter, Love Plus+... I am so alone I could love+ an anime body pillow-chan. T_T

Can you SEE SOUND? Love music, 'seeing' it is "what" I paint, my Kompa, Zouk Love, Dancehall 2 a J-Reggae Spinna... PUSHIM ebb tide... Home Grown... What a Mix of Cultures! I have always been inspired by a mixture of cultures in music as a child in Haiti... I was a very quiet kid so French love songs played in the background while I sat alone, Julio Iglesias on the Radio, shaping my love for Little Birds. So yes I can understand and feel why JERO sings ENKA <-- super hot fire! (No, I'm serious... dunno why Urd falls asleep to Enka she needs some JERO) I am addicted to my Internets. Who am I? Goooogled Self...:P

I remember one CATURDAY during the Summer of 2004. Walking Up LINCOLN ROAD x Britto Central... reminded me of Murakami, so so Ghibli O_o... Me 2 Me 2... Supa Hot Superflat fire... I paint dat. Empty flatness kawaii-ness desu :3 Sunny SoBe Snoo Snoo-chans with Hiropon-ecchi boobies... My Lonesome Cowboy keep walking down the sand and da high-art... Cuz I'm Homeless like SAMO©. Niggas In Paris when was the last time Palace of Versailles called a satirical ho'like mi? No Christie's x Sotheby's or Kanye West Album Covers for me heh heh... Sshhiie-eeeeee8 nah rhyme nah reason... When it comes to Rap I Rocks wit Nicki Queen 2 King Weezy, so its okay... like K.K. Slider... Crusin. Someday I be dat. Now I nap too depressed of the hate like Naz is so sick of Pain with da Zee Zee, ZeZee Zee Zee Zee... In Harlem I met my cuz Guy at a benifit for a documentary, he told me about the ART biz and how to be SOLD! I Understand he wanted to help me Be BOLD not MEEK... Gottah KNOW MY WORTH he said... Real Talk; U GOT ME... Dis World has no need for more "starving artists" on SNAP. Yeah I got a good Story, I'll write a sad book "Indigo... How Life ATE MY FAMILY :( Dango Daikazoku" Yep been foolish = TRUTH... I CAN SELL 2! (yay!) But I gottah stop that I'm da Sickle Cell Poster Boy shi8t... :| 4 realz? Yes GUY I 'milk' dat. :] But u wrong GUY Black People do buy True High End Swag so like Swizz Beatz has Keyz, I'll rock that Jean-Michel t-shirt... 2 remember those who died 2 young... those who suffer in pain like we... Too many early FLATLINES... Merci... In the end it is all empty... HIP-Hop ART IS DEAD... If dead Art needed a Poster Boy, I be dat LOSER. LONE SOUL ABUSER. Call me Mr. Lonely. Call me Mr. Nobody the REMIX PAINTER. Don't call me MR. BRAINWASH that name has been branded... NAME DROPPING, DID I DO IT RIGHT? I don't praise my art as BEAUTIFUL, If you can't AFFORD ME... NOT A PRODUCT, it is ME. PRICELESS, it is FREE if you can inspire ME. Beautiful spectators cannot feed me. So U Make Fun of ME. MY SKIN SAYS, Take me for Granted... No Honor, No Respect. No IDENTITY. My Self-Portrait as a SAD CLOWN, Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh. Never Hate on those who MADE IT. Who I am, SMILES and CRIES... I Suffer... I Hunger too... Pass the CUP'0 Noodle or bid me adieu. Heey <3 Nicky, Barbi was never so CURVY >_< Marry Me? When ICU (so sick) Ouu Ouu Booty, mi so so pervy...

Life to Death... in between those two = is a flat emptiness... a motion of crazy I want to experience.
muuhh -  cute anime - kawaii >_< hat

// End Parody of My Life // Donate a Canvas

contact the artist @ (nazaire at gmail dot com)

Prints of my Paintings and Designs are now available online

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