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Posted by Hertz Nazaire on Saturday, March 12, 2016

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I am a verified slave to pa┬Ětience, wishing to be free

noun 1. the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

I want a real cure for Sickle Cell Disease. A cure takes work, Science, Math, and Education to have the ability to think clearly
and critically takes a lot of work. The wait is killing us off one by one... Warriors, we have a long proud history
of waiting with back cutting and scarring patience.

I am a verified slave to patience, wishing to be free.
- nazaire

Here is a different type of Sickle Cell Series of Art I started in 2015 my last series was about the pain this one is about who you are inside, who you can be, and our greatness regardless of the hardships of a painful disease. please share the facebook album below - nazaire

Interview in Hartford, CT for Sickle Cell

2013 41st SCDAA Conference - Champion Award recipient Hertz Nazaire with SCDAA National Child Ambassador, Tiahna Hughes and Lennette J. Benjamin, MD on 09/26/2013

Art Exhibitions 2014: Black History Month Exhibition

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The Honest truth not many sales come from living Life as a painter, many may love the art but not enough buy to support the man behind it, even after you consider living Life with Sickle Cell Disease.
Hertz Nazaire is always in need of Art Supplies, like paint, brushes and canvas. You can help an Artist continue his work: Donate directly to Nazaire (Every little helps pay web hosting bills or fund a new painting)
Thoughts before a show in 2014
Hertz Nazaire
Fine Art PAINter

I find Artist Statements to be a pretentious affairs, I dislike them as much as writing my
own biography. It is bad enough that I am an Artist, so here is a little prose I wrote to share 
a bit about how I feel about my world and my life and the drive to paint and express myself 
through art.

I find Peace in my orange shoes. . .
Under the sky of mixed blues, indigos, violets, greens, yellows and reds.

I see Art in the movement. . .   The dance of little bird wings.  
Death of sunrise to the birth of sunsets. . . I observe my world of contradictions. . .
Thus, I live for my vision to paint in a world of many languages under a sky of many colors. . .  
Languages like prayers, songs, and whispers. . . Heard, ignored and forgotten.
Many loud and vocal voices that shout to be heard above the thunder of echoes. 
I live among strangers on broken islands, shattered by history, tradition, and culture. . .  
Strangers seeking to live free under the same sky colored differently by belief and ideas. . .  

Beliefs and Ideas to express and say who they are. . . To find a reflection of themselves in 
others who agree. . . Or the simple desire to outshout those who disagree. 

I was born on such a strange island surrounded by history of a people seeking to break 
the bonds of slavery.

Still I am a foreigner to many things that dwell on these shattered lands.
My mind still thugs at invisible chains but my eyes see the many colors of the sky, 
and movement as beautiful and inspiring as the little birds who fly high and gravity free.

My name is Nazaire and I was born on such an Island called Earth. . .  
I became a painter seeking to capture the many colors of the sky and the dance of little birds.
Seeking to understand cultures, traditions, and people. . .  
To understand why we all bleed red to ignore that we share shelter under the same sky.
I seek to express that sky, our home, our lives, our traditions, our faiths.
In paintings that speak in colors that say we all have a word for Pain. . .  
Suffer. . . Hardship. . . Love. . . Family. . . Life. . . Death. . . And Tears.  

Our words, our languages. . .  
Our statements the expressions of an eye's opinion on the world. 
Words like blinding colors of the Sun and stars.
They speak of our ways, during our days we speak to find similar meaning under one sky.
We are not from Mars, we are born, one people. . .
Still we express the color blue in many different ways. 

Hertz Nazaire
Haitian Superflat PAINter

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Latest Interviews:

- Dec. 29 2013 Artist Interview with Kat from Kreyolicious

- JAN-MAR 2014 Edition of SICKLE CELL NEWS (magazine printed and published in Africa) featuring Interview with Hertz Nazaire

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Art to the Avenue 2012

News: Art to the Avenue in Greenwich, CT features art by Nazaire
- Art hosted by Beam & Barre - 352 Greenwich Ave until May 28th
for purchase info please contact the Greenwich Arts Council

contact the artist @ (nazaire at gmail dot com)

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Hertz Nazaire :: was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti and lived there for 10 years until he moved to Brooklyn, New York. Nazaire has formal training in fine art and design at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, but remembers finding his love for his craft during his years at Westhill High School in Stamford, Connecticut where there was a strong Haitian community at the time. He has exhibited nationally including New York, Washington D.C., Fort Lauderdale / Miami, Florida, Houston, Texas, and Beverly Hills, California.

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2012 :: Nazaire :: Haitian Superflat
( ハイチのスーパーフラット )

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Of Earth and Rain - art by Nazaire
Of Earth and Rain - art by Nazaire by hz_nazaire
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